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Switching membership to

The first step to transferring your membership payments through the website is to cancel the current membership you have through the app. If you are unsure how to do this on your device, follow the directions below.

Step 1: cancel in-app membership

iPhone/iPad - Follow these instructions to cancel in-app membership.

Android - Visit your subscriptions page on Google Wallet.


Step 2: Choose your membership at

First start by selecting a World or regional membership. The monthly memberships have a free 1 month trial and are the best way to support the BirdsEye Project.


Step 3: Sign in/register using same email address you use for BirdsEye app

You will need to set up an account on the website (the account in the app does not transfer over). Create your account using the same email address you use in the BirdsEye app– this will guarantee that your membership will transfer over to your account in the app.


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    Jim Eidel

    Why should I do this ?

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    Jake Zadik

    There are a couple reasons to consider switching to to manage your membership.
    1. It's platform independent, so you can continue your membership without any interruptions if you switch from an iPhone to an Android phone, or vice versa.
    2. We are able to offer the best prices via, and all of your membership fee (minus ~3% processing fee) goes directly to supporting the BirdsEye project. Memberships purchased through the App Store or Google Play store are subject to 30% fees to those stores, so less of the membership goes to directly supporting the BirdsEye project.

    Regardless of where you purchase the membership, you will get the same membership benefits in the app.

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    Guy Isabelle

    I have a World membership active up to 2020 april 7 bought from app store. I bought the same membership from this site. Will my subscription be continued? Will I lose those months?

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    indian matka
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    indian matka

    Being working in this space  we always have some kind of fear of losing our data. Privacy on the  internet is already  a myth. Things are getting worse.
     Thanks for sharing that.

    Thank you soo much for the  Highlight I have applied   all your suggestions on my domain. I never new such a  thing can  even happen

    thanks for  share information  heartly welcome

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    indian matka
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    Rahull Verma

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    Jatt Amam

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    Tracy Allard

    Hello. I have written many times to Birdseye. No one is answering my problem. I had an excellent year of membership, then I updated my creditcard expiry date via the website, and since then my mobile app no longer functions. It's no longer seeing my membership, so I'm no longer able to use the filtering functions for my "needs".
    It's been two months now, I've written multiple emails, and the only person to bother replying to this paying member is a worker who no longer works for Birdseye! and who is obviously incapable of helping, as he no longer works for you.
    I have two "requests" submitted here, and no birdseye help has bothered to respond to them.
    What on Earth is going on? Is BirdsEye dead?

    Edited by Tracy Allard
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    Tracy experience has been the same. Odd to WANT to continue paying for something but not able to do so.

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