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Download Content for Offline Use

Yes, you can download the BirdsEye content to your mobile device so it is available event when you are out of cell range or without internet. Once you've downloaded, all of the content is included in the BirdsEye app itself.

There are a couple ways you can download content for offline use:

1) Under your BirdsEye Settings there is a "Download for Offline" menu. Once selected you'll see several choices that allow you to download all content or just audio, just images, or just the thumbnails. This option lets you download content from all the BirdsEye memberships that you subscribe to.

2) If you want information from just a single membership package, just select an individual region or sound package from the "Memberships and Audio Guides" section of BirdsEye. Select the button that shows the file size, on the bottom right of the page, to see options:

A couple of things to keep in mind when downloading for offline use:

  • keep the app running in the foreground and make sure your phone doesn't go to sleep. Putting the app in the background or having your phone go into sleep mode will likely cause a break in the download.

  • be sure you have a strong wi-fi connection. Once you do have the content downloaded, you can view photos, hear sounds, and read the descriptive text while offline.

  • if you've tried downloading for offline uses and are getting errors after more than one attempt, it's best to clear out any old offline data.  Go to your BirdsEye home menu, select "Settings and Help", then select "Clear Offline Data" and follow the menu items.

We also have a brief video that you may want to watch for more information on downloading. Please note: the video is a couple of updates old, so the menus are slightly different than what you will now see in the latest version of BirdsEye. Using BirdsEye Offline.

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    Peter Griffith

    I've tried over and over again as new versions come out, and to date, have never been able to get this function to complete.

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    Mark Gilbert

    Same problem the downloads are too large not to break when the phone goes to sleep and the world list takes many hours to download

  • Avatar
    John Bishop

    I have a world membership but I don't want to download the entire world's photos/sounds because it is so large. Can I download the content from just one region?

  • Avatar
    h jordan

    I've been able to download the offline content....multiple times in the last couple of years - but unfortunately it only last for a short period of time before i begin receiving the 'connection error' or 'content unavailable' messages when not in cell range. I suspect that the offline content is essentially 'broken' with every app update.

    Strangely enough, you see more birds in places that do not have cell coverage. I love birdseye & have used it since the beginning, but this is the biggest weakness of the entire app.

    Edited by h jordan
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    George Mayfield

    Thank you for the feedback! We are currently working on a new release of BirdsEye with a more robust offline capability. It should be available for release within a few months.

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