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BirdsEye Tutorial - It's In the App!

Several new users have asked for more information on how to use BirdsEye.  In addition to the website ( and helpful videos, you can find a lot of helpful information right in BirdsEye on your phone or tablet.  Just go to the BirdsEye main menu and choose Settings.  The last item on the Settings menu is "Messages and Tutorial" (iOS) or "Latest message from BirdsEye" (Android).  Open that section and scroll down a bit to find the tutorial that give a basic overview on BirdsEye from setting up your account to using many of the great features.

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    Patricia Heath

    If I could submit a screenshot with this I would. There is NO "messages and tutorial" under settings on my IPad. It's very frustrating to have to download 2 or 3 different apps to log my sightings and also have to pay a high price for an app without good support.

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    Not sure what to tell you, but I found it right where they ay to look on my (ancient) iPad 2nd generation …
    I did have a little trouble getting it to scroll down far enough, but after that menu finished loading, there it was.

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    indian matka
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