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What's the difference between my BirdsEye account and my eBird account?

BirdsEye has two accounts associated with it: 1) your BirdsEye account; 2) your eBird account.

Your BirdsEye account allows us to automatically back up your life lists so they are available to you if you use BirdsEye on multiple devices, and will transfer if you ever change your phone. Your BirdsEye account is also keeps track additional purchases like membership, or any of the bird content or sound packages.  This account uses an email and password.

Your eBird account uses your eBird username and password to pull sightings from the eBird databases and sync your life lists.

To setup your accounts, select the "Manage BirdsEye Account" button under the  BirdsEye Settings and enter the email address and password you want to use.  Next you will be prompted to enter your eBird Username and eBird Password.  If you do not have an eBird account you can set that up through the app. 

You only need to set up your accounts once for the initial setup.

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    There is no "Manage BirdsEye Account" button under the BirdsEye Settings. I have my ebird account set up already, but Birdseye doesn't seem to be syncing with it, so I was going to re-link it. How to do without the manage button?

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