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Can I plan trips with BirdsEye?

BirdsEye 2.1 for iOS (and coming soon to Android) was created with trip planning in mind and is a big step forward in that regard. Whether you are planning a weekend camping trip, or a major birding trip to the tropics, BirdsEye has you covered.

  1. View a list of expected birds for various locations you plan to visit by finding the hotspot on the map. Trick: you can tap the “+” to create a Favorite Location for some of the places you plan to visit.*
  2. While viewing the list of birds, tap the filter icon in the upper right. Choose Current Month if the trip is coming up soon, or use the Select Months* option if your trip if further off.
  3. Trick: Take advantage of the real power of trip planning by importing your life or year list from eBird, or by entering it manually. This allows BirdsEye to show you a list of personalized target species for your location that are NOT already on your list. From the main screen, select Life List and then choose “Edit” and finally “Change Area.” Depending on your goals for your trip, you can choose your worldwide or ABA life list or a state or county list. You can even choose a year list.
  4. Whenever you want to go back to the list for a location, you can quickly get back there by going to “Favorite Locations.”

*Member Tip: If you are planning an international trip, becoming a member gives you access to BirdsEye for all of the species on earth.

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