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Do you have any specific instructions for cropping and resizing photos for submitting them to BirdsEye? I use iPhoto on a Mac.

Instructions for cropping photos for BirdsEye using iPhoto on a Mac.  The following directions are pretty detailed, but hopefully I've included a few tricks that will save you some time.

  1. Organize a batch of photos that you want to submit into a folder on your computer.  I like to give them names that make them easy to recognize, like "Cardinal Northern" or "NOCA 1"
  2. Select them all and drag them to the iPhoto program icon (in your tray or Applications folder) to import them into iPhoto
  3. After they are imported, they should in the "Last Import" page, which should be in front of you
  4. Select the first image by clicking it.  Then click on the "edit" icon in the lower right of the iPhoto window
  5. Make sure "Quick Fixes" is selected in the upper right, then select "crop" from the options on in right panel
  6. Crop the image to your preference.
  7. Click on "crop" again.  Now the crop window will appear and you can position and resize it however you want.
  8. Trick: once you have the crop window the way you want it (preferably tight around the bird) don't hit "Done", but instead hit the right arrow at the upper right which will transfer these same crop settings to your next photo.   Keep doing that and you can quickly work through a group of images.
  9. When you're done cropping all of the images, hit "done" and then hit "Last Import" in the upper left.  Now you should see all of the cropped versions of your photos.
  10. Select them all and copy them to a new folder that I usually call "Cropped photos" or something like that.
  11. Now you should be able to import the photos using our photo tool.

Some notes on that process: -- if you enter a URL, note that the format is important.  I recommend copying the URL directly from your browser just to be sure the format is correct -- if the photos are rejected because the size is too small, you might need to go back and crop them a bit bigger.  Note that this happens mostly with really highly cropped, grainy images less than about 40kb in size. -- Dave

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