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How do I set a List Area in BirdsEye?

In addition to syncing with your eBird Life Lists, BirdsEye also supports creating and editing life and year lists within the app.

To select a new life or year list.

  1. Tap on the Bird List menu item
  2. Tap Edit
  3. Tap Change Area
  4. Use the options to select the country or region, state, or county of your choosing.
  5. Select whether you want to use your Life or Year List.
  6. Your selected list is now loaded and in use across the app.

Working with life lists in BirdsEye is straight forward, but be sure to add or remove a bird at the appropriate level. For example, when you add a bird to the "List Area" at the county level, it will also appear in the appropriate state, country and world lists. To remove the bird from your county list, you would need to return to that "List Area" to remove it.

You can set your list area to any of the regions supported by eBird down to the county level. You can also select either life or year lists for any region. Note that BirdsEye starts by loading your World Life List by default.

Watch the following video tutorial to see the process.

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