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Sometimes in "Nearby Birds" I do not see my "Needs" listed, or I may see birds that are already on my list. Can you tell me what is happening?

A: If this happens, here are some things to try:

  • Connection: BirdsEye needs a connection to work. You can tell if you have a good connection if the "Recent" tab shows a list of birds. If not, you should check your connection.
eBird login: By default when you first install BirdsEye, the life list starts out blank. In order to fetch your life/year lists from eBird for you, BirdsEye needs your eBird login information. If you go to "My Bird List" and it is blank, this could be the problem. You can enter your eBird login: from the main/home screen, go to "Settings" => "My Profile and eBird Login" and enter your eBird login there.
Set your list area: You can set your list area to any of the regions supported by eBird down to the county level. You can also select either life or year lists for any region. Note that BirdsEye starts by loading your World Life List by default. BirdsEye does not automatically change your list area when you move around, so you will need to change it manually whenever you want to display a different list. On the main/home screen, you should see an item that says "My Bird List:" followed by the Region name and a number. If the number is 0 then Step 1 or 2 above might be the problem. However, if you see that the region is different than what you want, you can change it by going to "My Bird List" => "Edit" => "Change List Area" and then follow the directions to select a Country/Region, State, County and then Year or Life.

After your new list loads then you should see a different list of needs in "Browse Birds" and "Nearby Notable Birds".

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