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I bought a subscription, but it's not showing up in my account, what do I do?

If you purchased an item that is not showing up in your account, there is an easy step to fix this most of the time.


  1. From the BirdsEye home screen tap on settings
  2. Tap on the first item in the list which should display your email address
  3. Tap on the Restore Purchases button and follow the instructions.

This will cause the phone to request all BirdsEye purchases from the App Store to be sent to the BirdsEye server again.



  1. In BirdsEye, open the Settings screen.
  2. Halfway down there is a "Restore Purchase" button.
  3. Tap that button and confirm.
  4. You can now go back to the Store in the app and your purchases should be properly listed.
  5. If you still do not see your purchases, hard close the app and launch it again to force an update.


If they are not, don't hesitate to contact support at

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    Tracy Allard

    I had a year of paid use. Since I updated my creditcard expiry date two months ago on the website (not Apple store) The app no longer sees my payment. I have two months of payment with zero service and no one answering my calls for help. I have done the restore purchases thingy but it does nothing.

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